a family driven company

Our story

Founded in 1979, our company began operations with two brothers who were trying to compete and be one of the first in the region to innovate in terms of production and new varieties introduction.

As the younger members of the family started to incorporate, new ideas and strategies emerged in order to help Heirloom Farms grow in what it represents today in the region; a company that believes that success depends on continuous and absolute dedication.

This philosophy drives us and encourages us to create innovative products of the highest quality to serve the important needs of our customers.

our food safety Philosophy

For us, food safety is a sacred priority. We grow our products without harmful chemicals and follow best practices in food safety. We use proprietary quality control systems and provide full traceability.

Our farm and packing house pass annual organic audits by third-party auditors. All of our products are grown and packed under the rules, regulations, and supervision of federal and state agencies.


our certifications